Parkshore Marina Association

Lake Washington - Seattle, WA

Ideal location on Lake Washington to either rent or own a slip. Facilities include large laundry room, clean hot showers, secure parking, storage units with every slip. Telephone, cable and high speed internet connections available at every slip. Year round on site management and two shopping centers within 5 minute walk and many restaurants of every variety.

Check Your Lines

Remember to check your ropes to make sure your boat isn't pulling off the cleats and damaging the docks and your boats. Retie your ropes if necessary and use snubbers to prevent damage in the event of a storm or strong winds/waves.

In the Fall and Spring of each year, the Army Corps of Engineers adjusts the depth of the Lake Washington. It is reduced during the Winter months to allow for annual maintenance on docks, walls, etc., by businesses and lakeside residents, minimize wave and erosion damage during winter storms and provide storage space for high inflow. The lake is drained as much as 2 feet.

The Lake Washington Depth Chart can be monitored here.