Parkshore Marina Rules and Regulations

$500.00 fine for unapproved modifications to the marina property (exceptions may be granted by the Board of Directors)$120.00 fine for tampering with electrical breakers$10.00 per day fine for derelict boat (inoperative or abandoned)$50.00 to $1,000.00 for working on vehicles in the Marina compound (some small repairs are allowed, check with manager first)$10.00 per day for dock litter$10.00 per day for boat extending into common area (a tolerance policy may apply if safety is not an issue)$10.00 per day for no proof of insurance$100.00 plus 10.00 per day for unsafe materials stored in lockers$50.00 to $150 for allowing animals unleashed in the marina$25.00 per month for no lease on file at marina office$120.00 plus $10.00 per day for more than one electrical connection (additional power can be arrange through the Board of Directors

99.03 Upon the conclusion of all leased, the lease shall conclude the business checking out of no later than noon of the last day of the lease unless otherwise agreed upon by the manager and the lease. The vessel and all personal belongings of the lease will be removed from the marina by 5:00 P.M. the same day, unless otherwise agreed upon by the manager, and the lease. The process of checking out shall include, but not limited to:

Harbor Patrol (206) 684-4071

99.02 Finger piers must be kept free from clutter. Nothing shall be stored upon or attached to the piers without Board approval. It shall also be the responsibility of the slip Owner (the tenant, if the slip is leased) to keep finger piers safe from dangerous accumulations of moss or snow. Information on moss control is available at the office.

99.01 Any damage to Parkshore property, damage to boats at Parkshore or damage to any personal property at Parkshore, must be reported to the manager and the owner of the property involved, in no less than 24 hours. Collisions that involve a boat and any part of the marina or a collision involving one boat with another boat, regardless of the extent of the damage (or the lack of damage) must be reported as soon as possible. Accidents or collisions where there are injuries, or property damage in excess of $500.00, by law, must be reported to the Harbor Patrol, Immediately!

98.04 No marine head or marine holding systems can be pumped over in the marina. All live-a-board vessels over 26' should be equipped with 20-gallon minimum holding tank. Vessels not equipped with marine heads, and holding tanks will not be approved for live-a-board use.

97.07 No renter whose rent payment is delinquent will qualify for a lease approval by the Board of Directors to move to another slip.

97.08 If your boat sinks, the following steps will be taken by the manager:

Notify the appropriate authoritiesNotify the vessel owner (where appropriate)Notify the slip owner if different from the vessel ownerTake Emergency MeasuresNotify the Board of Directors The owner of a sunken vessel has the first option to arrange said vessel. If action is not agreed to between the owner and the manager within twenty-four hours (24hrs.), the manager may contract a professional salvage company to have the vessel raised.

97.06 You are required to have a completed lease on file in the office. Your lease specifies the boat that is authorized to be in the slip you have rented, and your signature verifies that you agree to provide the slip owner, and the manager with proof of insurance. There is a companion document, the Parkshore Marina Census form that accompanies the lease that must be on file. The more information that you provide on this form, the more likely we can reach in an emergency.

Rules at Parkshore Marina aren't designed to be restrictive or designed to make life difficult. The owners and management of Parkshore sincerely wish you an enjoyable stay at our marina. In general, the rules are based on common sense expectation. Some rules are based on requirements set out in the by-laws. Either way, knowledge of the rules works to your advantage. Don't hesitate to ask the manager to clarify anything you don't think you understand.

97.04 Parking Stickers are required for cars that are parked inside Parkshore Marina. The sticker goes in the windshield, lower left, (driver's side). Guests must park in the GUEST PARKING AREA. Unauthorized vehicles can be towed at the owner's expense.

97.05 Do not store anything in a locker other than the locker you have been assigned. If you pirate a locker, you will most likely loose everything that you placed there. There are no rights, no protection for the unauthorized use of a storage locker.