Parkshore Marina Returns and Refund Policy

Thank you for paying your member dues on the Parkshore Marina website.

We are unable to provide refunds on invoice payments made through the website. All transactions are final.

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.

  1. Vehicle parking stalls are reserved for parking of licensed operational vehicles with a valid parking pass with a slip number assigned or guest pass visible in the window
  2. Vehicles without a guest pass are required to park in posted guest parking stalls
  3. Owners are issued one (1) parking pass and one (1) guest pass
  4. Additional parking passes can be issued to slip owners based on the General Fine and Fee Schedule. Parking stalls will be designated by the Marina Manager.
  5. Long term parking is available on an "as approved" basis by the Marina Manager
  6. Heavy Vehicle Maintenance is not authorized on Marina property (e.g. engine & transmission overhauls, body work and painting)
  7. Heavy Boat Maintenance is not authorized on Marina property (e.g. sanding, scraping, extensive painting, engine overhaul, other heavy maintenance as determined by the Marina Manager)
  8. All vehicles requiring a vehicle license will be properly licensed while on Parkshore Marina Property

Section 2: Slip Operations